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Trans IVF

Trans IVF is the name given to In Vitro Fertilisation that is carried out with the vitrified gametes of trans people.

At Rainbow Fertility Barcelona, we offer trans people the opportunity to freeze their eggs or sperm before undergoing hormonal treatment or surgery that may limit their fertility.

In this way, they will be able to perform In Vitro Fertilisation when they decide they want to have a child. It can be done with sperm or egg donation, depending on what you need.

For whom?

Trans people that wish to undergo hormonal treatment or surgery, that may limit their fertility, can freeze their gametes before starting treatment. In this way, they can opt for Assisted Reproduction later without having to resort to gamete donation.

How does it work?

In the case of people who are going to start a Woman to Man (WtaM) treatment, egg vitrification is prescribed to preserve their fertility. This is carried out in three phases: Ovarian stimulation and ultrasound check-ups, oocyte retrieval (ovarian pick-up) and freezing (vitrification) of the eggs.

Once the eggs have been obtained by means of ovarian puncture, they are frozen using vitrification techniques. Vitrification is a cellular solidification at low temperatures and in a short time, without the formation of ice. Large quantities of cell cryoprotectants are used to ensure a better survival rate of the cells when they are thawed. When the time comes to look for a pregnancy, the oocytes are thawed and then fertilised.

In the case of people who are going to start a Male to Female (MtW) treatment, sperm vitrification is prescribed to preserve their fertility: it is only necessary to deliver a sample to the clinic or send it with the Sperm FreezeKit for self-freezing of semen.  For those who come to the clinic to deliver their sample, we have designed a discreet space and the Erotic Personal System, a stimulation pack to achieve greater sexual arousal and, consequently, the best quality of the sperm sample.

If you are going to freeze your sperm, we have an Andrology laboratory and a specialised unit to assess your fertility. If necessary, we will advise you on the best add-on techniques for your treatment.

Our Donors: The Perfect "Match"

In Barcelona, and as a project of Institut Marquès, we have our sperm bank with more than 2,000 premium donors. They are anonymous donors, as the Spanish law 14/2006 of May 14 on assisted human reproduction techniques establishes that donation must be anonymous, voluntary, informed and unpaid.

As we have our own sperm bank, we know the donors and select only the best. They are young people who decide to donate to help other people to build a family and who must undergo exhaustive medical and psychological tests. We also have all the phenotypes to find the most suitable donor for each case. It is the doctor himself who will be in charge of choosing the best fitting sperm donor for you, taking into account your physical features and the hereditary traits of your personality. We look for the perfect match.

If you prefer to personally choose your donor (non-anonymous donor) or do your treatment with the sperm of a family member or friend (known donor) we can help you, we collaborate with the best clinics.

Add-on Techniques

Increase your chances of pregnancy even more with our add-on techniques.