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Sperm and Egg Freezing

If you wish to preserve your fertility by freezing your eggs or sperm, you can decide when is the most appropriate time to have a child.

For whom?

For those who want or have to postpone having a baby: thanks to gamete freezing, it is possible to keep the option of using our eggs or sperm in the future in our Assisted Reproduction treatment.

People who are going to undergo a hormone treatment or a medical treatment that could damage their fertility, such as chemotherapy or certain surgeries, opt for gamete freezing. Also those who, for personal reasons, decide to postpone their family project for a later date.

How does it work?

Egg Freezing

It is carried out in three phases: Ovarian stimulation and ultrasound check-ups, oocyte retrieval (ovarian puncture) and freezing (vitrification) of the eggs.

Once the eggs have been obtained by means of an ovarian puncture, they are frozen using vitrification techniques. Vitrification is a cellular solidification at low temperatures and in a short time, without the formation of ice. Large quantities of cell cryoprotectants are used to ensure a better survival rate of the cells when they are thawed. When the moment comes to look for pregnancy, the oocytes are thawed and then fertilised.

Sperm Freezing

In the case of sperm vitrification, it is only necessary to deliver a sample to the clinic. For those people who come to the clinic to deliver their sample, we have designed a discreet space and the Erotic Personal System, a stimulation pack to achieve greater sexual arousal and, consequently, the best quality of the sperm sample.

If you are going to freeze your sperm, we have an Andrology laboratory and a specialised unit to assess your fertility. If necessary, we will advise you on the best add-on techniques for your treatment.

Add-on Techniques

Increase your chances of pregnancy even more with add-on techniques.