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Rainbow Fertility Barcelona is a project of Institut Marquès. With 100 years of experience in Gynaecology and Assisted Reproduction, we want to continue helping even more the LGTBI+ community: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex people, as well as the rest of sexual and gender diversities, to achieve their dream of having a family. We want to ensure best practices for the treatment of sexual, gender and family diversity in all our activities, as a company and, of course, in the care of our patients. We want to create a respectful and friendly space for the LGTBI+ community to feel vindicated and welcomed during their treatment. We want to make visible and normalise even more the presence of LGTBI+ people in our daily lives: their invisibility is also a form of discrimination. We want to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes. We want to accompany our patients throughout the whole process: we include the monitoring of the pregnancy up to the eighth week.
All our experience at the service of the LGTBI+ community


Designed to make our patients feel at home, our Barcelona clinic offers a welcoming atmosphere and spacious and comfortable facilities for everyone. In the heart of Avenida Diagonal, we have created open and luminous spaces to enjoy the city. For those who prefer discretion and privacy, we also offer private spaces in our “nests” to live the process intimately. Our “nests” ensure that patients always keep the recommended safety distance due to Covid-19. Thinking about each of the steps that our patients follow during the treatment, we offer them the possibility of living it as they prefer, personalising to the maximum their stay in the clinic and, especially, the moment of the embryo transfer. Music and the preservation of the environment are two of our main axes. This is also evident in our clinic, where you will find musical notes in all our facilities and a space where we have replicated our embryo forest.
Virtual tour of our facilities in Barcelona


Just as the best restaurants show their kitchens, we also show our In Vitro Fertilisation laboratories to all our visitors. Through a window, patients can see how our biologists work. We dedicate a large part of our resources to new processes, R&D and continuous improvement of treatments. Thus, we continuously implement innovations and the latest add-on techniques to improve pregnancy rates as well as the experience of our patients.


We have proven that the fertilisation rate in IVF treatments increases by 5% thanks to musical vibrations. Music is present in every step of the process, from incubators to pregnancy.


Thanks to the Embryomobile you will be able to see your embryo at home: We provide our patients with the possibility of connecting to the Embryoscope (an incubator with a timelapse camera) so that they can follow the development of the embryos inside it live. Our scientific studies prove that following the development of the embryos reduces anxiety and improves embryo implantation. The Embryomobile is also an exercise in transparency.

Sperm Quality

We have shown that increased sexual arousal improves the quality of the semen sample. Thanks to the Erotic Personal System we have adapted the process of the sperm sample collection to make it more exciting and enjoyable, whatever the preferences of our patients.

Donor Matching

At Rainbow Fertility we will look for the donor who has the same physical features and the same personality as you. We have our own sperm and egg banks to offer you a perfect match. In Spain donation is anonymous; in our clinic it is the doctor himself who chooses the best donor for each patient. And now, to make it even more complete, we have developed a test to also know the hereditary traits of his / her character.

The Forest of Embryos

Our studies have shown the relationship between chemical toxics and male sterility. That is why we collaborate in actions and initiatives in favour of the preservation of the environment. We have created an Embryo Forest: we plant a tree for every child born thanks to our Assisted Reproduction treatments.