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Cumulative IVF

with Own Eggs

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) consists of fertilising the oocyte with the sperm in the laboratory and then transferring the resulting embryo or embryos to the patient’s uterus.

In this case, the procedure consists of repeating the ovarian stimulation cycles in order to accumulate enough oocytes. In this way, and after the fertilisation of these oocytes, more quality embryos are obtained and therefore the probability of success of IVF increases.

For whom?

It is indicated for women with low ovarian reserve who are prescribed a genetic analysis of their embryos (PGT), either because of their age, because they are carriers of hereditary diseases or because they have suffered recurrent miscarriages. Thanks to this technique, those patients who produce few eggs in each cycle have more opportunities to obtain genetically healthy embryos.

Success Rate

The pregnancy rate per cycle refers to pregnancies achieved with embryos generated in the same oocyte retrieval or pick-up. This includes the transfer of fresh embryos and possible frozen embryos. In the case of IVF with our own eggs, our pregnancy rate is over 72,4% by transferring a single embryo in 90% of the cases.

In this way, we have shown that the transfer of a single blastocyst (embryo on its fifth day of development) improves success rates.

Pregnancy Rate
average per IVF cycle with own eggs

How does it work?

Cumulative IVF can be carried out in two ways:

  • Duostim or Double stimulation in the same cycle: After the first IVF cycle and the corresponding pick-up, the luteal phase (post-ovulation phase) is used to stimulate the ovaries again. On the fifth day post egg-retrieval, a new phase of ovarian stimulation begins with the same pattern used. Thus, in one month, approximately twice as many embryos are obtained, which saves time and money.
  • Accumulation cycles in different months: In each cycle the embryos obtained are vitrified until the adequate number of embryos is obtained.

Our Sperm Donors

In Barcelona, and as a project of Institut Marquès, we have our sperm bank with more than 2,000 premium donors. They are anonymous donors, as the Spanish law 14/2006 of May 14 on assisted human reproduction techniques establishes that donation must be anonymous, voluntary, informed and unpaid.

As we have our own sperm bank, we know the donors and select only the best. They are young people who decide to donate to help other people to build a family and who must undergo exhaustive medical and psychological tests. We also have all the phenotypes to find the most suitable donor for each case. It is the doctor himself who will be in charge of choosing the best fitting sperm donor for you, taking into account your physical features and the hereditary traits of your personality. We look for the perfect match.

If you prefer to personally choose your donor (non-anonymous donor) or do your treatment with the sperm of a family member or friend (known donor) we can help you, we collaborate with the best clinics.

Add-on Techniques

Increase your chances of pregnancy even more with our add-on techniques.