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Gamete Donation

Rainbow Fertility Barcelona, as a project of Institut Marquès, has its own egg and sperm banks. This way we can always be sure to offer you the best option for you. If you need egg and/or sperm donation for your treatment, we offer you two possibilities: anonymous donation in our clinic in Barcelona (Spain) or non-anonymous donation in other countries, where we collaborate with the best clinics.

In addition, in the case of egg donation, we always perform the treatment “fresh”, that is, without freezing the donor’s eggs.

In Spain, gamete donation is a completely anonymous and altruistic act. In our centre, it will be your own doctor who will select the donor that most closely resembles you, taking into account all aspects, both physical and psychological. On a physical level, he/she will take into account objective features, such as the colour of the eyes, hair, skin, and also other not so objective ones, such as the shape of the face, nose, etc.

What are our donors like?

Our donors are anonymous, young and healthy people who donate for altruistic reasons.

We have more than 2,000 egg and sperm donors ready to help you carry out your treatment without you having to wait. All of them undergo the necessary medical and psychological tests to rule out the most common hereditary diseases. Also a personality test to better understand the hereditary traits of their temperament.

Personality Matching

We look for a donor for you who has a personality similar to yours. Temperament is inherited and character is modulated according to the environment and the education the child receives. Together, temperament and character will build what we call personality. In order to know the hereditary traits that make up the temperament we have developed our own “personality test”.

All sperm donors, egg donors and all our patients answer our personality test. This is how we achieve the “perfect match”.

Known or non-anonymous donors

This type of donation cannot be carried out in Spain, where gamete donation is anonymous. If you want to personally choose your donor in a gamete bank (non-anonymous donor) or do the treatment with the eggs/sperm of a relative or friend (known donor), you will have to go to one of our collaborating clinics. Ask us.

In the case of non-anonymous donation, when your child turns 18, he or she will have access to all the information about the donor. On the other hand, if the donor is anonymous, it is the doctor who assigns the donor based on the physical features of the future parents and all that is known is the necessary medical information (family history, age and blood group).

For whom?

For all people from any country who need treatment with donor egg or donor sperm and who wish to choose their donor personally. The motivations for going through this process with known donors can be diverse. For example, the desire for their child to have access to all the information about the donor as soon as he or she turns 18. Also those who want their donor to be a family member or friend.