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Assisted Reproduction for LGTBI+ people

Rainbow Fertility Barcelona is a project of Institut Marquès with which we want to continue helping even more the LGTBI+ community: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex people, as well as the rest of sexual and gender diversities, to achieve their dream of building a family.

Fertility treatments

Reproductive Medicine offers different possibilities for LGTBI+ people to opt for motherhood.

Choosing the most appropriate one depends, among other things, on the situation of each patient: what gametes are available (eggs or sperm), their fertility and whether they have a partner with whom they share their family project.

In Spain, marriage is only necessary in the case of the ROPA method. In the rest of the treatments it is not necessary: the clinic will provide the necessary documentation to properly register the baby.

Due to legal issues, in our country a single man cannot have access to Assisted Reproduction treatments.

Add-on Techniques

Increase your chances of pregnancy even more with the most appropriate add-on techniques for your treatment. Your doctor will advise you which ones are best for you according to your diagnosis.

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We offer you the best results and more than 95 years of experience as gynecologists and specialists in Assisted Reproduction.

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Why Rainbow?

Known Donors

If you want to undergo IVF or Artifical Insemination with the gametes of a non-anonymous donor or a known donor (friend or family member, for example), we can help you: we collaborate with the best clinics. Ask for more information.

Financing and discounts

At Rainbow Fertility Barcelona we can finance your treatment and we offer you a 10% discount if you are a member of an LGTBI+ association.

Just for Transfer

For those patients who live far from Barcelona (Spain) and require an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) with anonymous gamete donation, Institut Marquès offers a tailor-made solution: the “Just for Transfer” programme. This option allows them to do the medical follow-up at their country of residence, travelling to Barcelona only once: for the embryo transfer. Ask for more information

Would you like to become an egg donor?

If you want to help others fulfill their dream of starting a family, you can donate your eggs

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